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You aren't a true tech lawyer unless you do podcasts!

I do not normally do podcasts because, well, I hate the sound of my voice. Then recently when I was on an interview with the CEO of a video technology company, I happened to mention that same fact and was educated that there is a scientific reason for it. I learned that we do not hear our voices the same way that others hear us since we hear our voice both internally and externally. Plus, the part of our brain that processes sound temporarily shuts down while you speak. So technically you never really hear your voice when you are speaking. That is why it sounds so foreign to you when you listen to a recorded version of it.

Anyway, checkout the podcast I did with Deel, a global payroll platform for distributed employees. They have a great team over there. I wish they had been around when I was trying to transition hundreds of independent contractors in dozens of countries. You can find more information about them at Deel. If you are interested in using their services, reach out to their CEO Alex Bouaziz. Tell him I sent you! ;-)

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