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I have been fortunate to cross paths with many brilliant and talented attorneys throughout my career who have contributed to paving the legal path and setting industry standards for distributed organizations where standard laws and regulations do not apply. 

To keep the collaboration going, I have created a listserve for in house legal counsel supporting organizations with a distributed workforce to act as a resource tool for each other and continue to strengthen the uniformity of the industry's top distributed companies so that we can standardize the legal practices.

If you are an (1) in house attorney, (2) supporting either a fully or partially distributed workforce on a permanent basis, and (3) would like to be added to the list, please fill out the form below. 

All information shared on the listserve will be kept confidential and your information will not be used for commercial or advertising purposes.

Please feel free to recommend your colleagues to join as well. The larger we can grow our community, the stronger our resource becomes!  Thanks!

Thanks for submitting!

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