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How did I get here anyway?

Well I am starting to get used to this whole podcast thing. I suppose it is easier than having to present live since I am still terrified of public speaking and there is definitely an advantage to not having to worry about doing hair and make-up.

I recently participated in a podcast with Amy Rowland, Founder of Varia Search. Amy has a series of podcasts called Fashionably Late which focuses on finding career fulfillment at any age.

If you are interested in learning about the unusual path I took to becoming a technology start-up attorney, including a stint at the County Attorney's Office, enforcing Child Support Orders, you can listen at:

Some people plan out their career paths. Others have their careers planned for them. Some just let the chips fall where they may and go wherever they are taken. Some people have to work hard for every opportunity while others are handed every opportunity on a silver platte

What's your story?

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